Our Brands

We are proud to offer a diverse portfolio of brands, each with its own unique identity, vision, and purpose. United under ODK Media’s commitment to quality, innovation, and user satisfaction, our brands are dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services.

ODK Media is a content IP distributor dedicated to bringing exceptional Asian storytelling to global audiences with more than 10 years of experience, bridging more than 300 content producers and studios in 36 countries with the North American market.

OnDemandKorea is the first Korean multi-platform streaming service to legally deliver freshly updated Korean TV shows, movies, news, K-pop, and more to audiences in North America.

OnDemandChina is a premium video streaming service dedicated to providing users in North America with free, legal, and high-quality Chinese content.

OnDemandViet is a legal, high-definition, and professional video streaming service. ODV is dedicated to promoting exceptional Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese shows to targeted audiences in North America.

ODK Box offers a simple media streaming service with an easy-to-use TV box and remote. The ODK Box provides access to live Korean channels and all content available on OnDemandKorea, ranging from TV shows, movies, news, and documentaries.

Tailor Contents collects, manages, and analyzes data surrounding the Asian entertainment industry to provide and spread novel cultural content to the world.

ZAPZEE provides a comprehensive online hub for the latest information and editorials on Korean entertainment, covering all the latest news on K-pop,  movies and shows, and celebrity life in South Korea.